The terrible knowing, and not knowing 4

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This one is way overdue. Some personal shit got in the way of recording and updating. Unforeseen, uncontrollable and undisclosed, with the exception that exactly this kind of shit has its sticky fingers all over the record, in the playing, the howling, implied and explicitly stated in the lyrics.

Every guitar-track on the record(with the exception of solos) turned out to be one-takes. Having played most of the songs live makes it pretty easy to bypass any trepidations about the complexity of the fuckers and just rage through them. While most of the record goes out of its way to be as caustic and disshevelling as possible, theres a couple of tender moments too. The use of overtones and harmonics( who made a cameo in the solo in “Sjælen er større end verden” from BTOWLABTR) have increased drastically, as have feedback and(the hardcore crowd takes a collective shit) tapping. Aside from the trusty Les Paul, a hard-tail Jaguar makes a debut appearance. There’s some acoustics hidden in there too, Niko Wenner-style.



Vocals, ever the emotional climax of recording, were done over two days this week. Though the lyrics were written anywhere from 1-13 months ago, and thus rooted in a myriad of long forgotten, but thoroughly unresolved issues, aforementioned personal shit made most of those ramblings acutely in need of an outlet, once again allowing the erstwhile dysfunctionals a much needed sojourn in what turned out to be not so erstwhile dysfunction after all. Life starting to mirror lyrics already written is a trippy fucking deja-vu.

In terms of the actual singing, everything turned out fucking great. Singing is much more evenly split on this record, and it shows! Having two very different vocal colorings to play with, amounts to the luxury of writing for a 10-piece, instead of a measly trio. On top of that, this is the first time Oxx songs were written with the knowledge of there being singing on them. What this means, besides the occasional hook(!), is dramatic increases in cohesion, and of course a lot more screaming than before.

This very evening, pre-mixes will be send to the magical Klaus “Q”, who’ll wring something beautifull out of all of this.

This series will continue until the record is released.