The terrible knowing, and not knowing 3

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Oxx på TAPE (37 of 84) Courtesey of Jeppe Fastrup

Synth today, at our rehearsal space.
Hearing the songs and parts starting to take shape is extremely gratifying. For 8 months, they’ve existed only between the three of us. Recording the songs and passing them on to Q for mixing is the preliminary step towards much needed respite from the insanity of creating in a vacuum.
The use of synths has increased considerably between this record and the last. For those who have caught us live during the last year, this is no surprise, but as far as recorded material go, the change will be very noticable. Knowing that we were moving in this direction while writing the record really contributed to the sound and feel of the songs. While personal turmoil and transformation between records, by far, have the weightiest mandate in defining an album, a paradigm shift like Lasse moving to synthesizers will be a game changer too. Compositionally the added low end allows a much greater reliance on heaviness, while the instruments also lends itself to writing lines in unison for the guitar and keys.
We’re a bit behind of schedule, as it took all of the day to record the synthesizers, so tomorrow will be guitars and additional instruments, instead of vocals. Those will be done next week.
Oh, and the picture is one from an awesome set of shots taken by Jeppe Fastrup during our gig with Halshug.