The terrible knowing, and not knowing 2

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Second day of drums. Danish weather oppressively humid. The two tracks recorded today will become the centerpiece and the closer of the album respectively. Long, labyrinthine tracks running all over the map.
We’ve made a consciouss, to the extent that any creative process is ever consciouss, effort to fuse our disparate stylistical leanings into something resembling cohesive songs, instead of splitting it out across several tracks, as on BTOWLABTR. Carrying out that decision has taken us pretty far into unknown territory, trying to glide back and forth between meditative drone and frenetically hammering out 16th notes, without sounding like several songs interchangeably copy-pasted into a mess, is a bit of a jigsaw. A lot of what glue these songs together is all the little ideosyncrasies that reveal themselves after the umpteenth playthrough; certain leitmotifs that seem to grow out of the playing of a song, and creep into the actual structure of it.
On what we recorded today, theres a ton of that kind of subtext going on in the drum-parts, and while these tracks, as is wont of every Oxx song ever, are complete clusterfucks of time signatures, they require a heightened degree of attention to detail and touch to boot. It seems like a good sign that this part of the process went as seamlessly as it did.

We’ll take the weekend off to prepare for next week. Tuesday we’ll do guitar and synth dubs, and add every appropriate and unappropriate orchestral layer to the songs. Vocals will be recorded wednesday and the record will be in the trustworty hands of Q before the end of next week.
The great Malte Riis visited the studio today, and will again for the sessions next week, so at some point there’ll be a nice bunch of photos of all this. For now though, you’ll have to contend yourselves with our increasingly boy-bandish selfies, this time featuring a tiny, cardboard dinosaur.