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Recording of “Night And The City” begun today. Will try to keep you guys updated on the process, as we slowly near the release date.

If you haven’t guessed, the title of the record will be “Night And The City”. The reason for that is two parts intertextuality and one part biographical. Intertextual, of course, in that it shares its name with Jules Dassins 1950 masterpiece, whose mood and spirit is all over the tracks; you’ll find that out soon enough. A shitload of other movies and litterature, all of which have been crucial in shaping the record and the people playing it, show up as well, so having the title be a reference kind of serves as a warning of that kind of pretentious shenanigans… Biographically speaking, most music and lyrics were written while perambulating various cities during various fits of insomnia. Stressing that we’re not a prog band, and consequentially not writing concept albums, i’ll go as far as saying that that particular kind of delusional headspace seems to have been an influence on every track.

Anyway, today we commenced the recording of the album, drumtracks being at the top of the running order!
We’ll be tracking those at the great venue Radar who have a great, big room for booming drum sound. Given the abundance of visual cues and our issues with committing to a single tempo in a song, we’re essentially doing live play-throughs, adding additional guitars, synth and vocals on top of that later.
Tonight we nailed down all the fast-paced, mathy songs. A lot of shit can go wrong during those, and since they’re also, unstrategically quite long, it can be quite a time consuming endeavour. That being said, drums are sounding fucking huge, and the grooves are gonna be deep as shit! It is basically gonna be morse-corde hammered out by a savage on the biggest toms imaginable, interrupted by the occasional free-form-freakout.
Tomorrow we’ll lay down tracks for the longer, epic songs of the record.
Here’s a midnight band selfie: