News and recap.

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These past months have been very eventfull. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the upcoming record, and it’s shaping up super nicely. In fact, we’re entering the studio tomorrow to track drums and rough guitar and synth. Vocals and dubs will be completed next week. We’ve a lot of exciting shit to reveal, but we’re not yet able to drop you anything specific. I will say this though: the new record will be released late this summer!!

This past weekend we premiered a couple more tracks from the record during the two gigs we played in Jutland. A hometown gig with the great K-town hardcore trio Halshug, and one at the legendary 1000fryd with Mantar. What a fucking band! Super nice guys to boot, and since we don’t have any photos from either of the gigs, you get one of me being psyched in the shirt i traded with Hanno from Mantar.

Details regarding everything coming soon.