New Years! Merch-store! Much WOW!

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Our merch-store is up and running on bandcamp, which means that you’ll no longer have to go through the trouble of personally contacting us through facebook. To celebrate, every T-shirt order will include a free download of our album, for a limited time only. Go visit here!

2015 marked the release of our first record in several years. In hindsight, it might as well have been our debut, as we’ve only now started to come into our own.
That beeing said; the record we’re working on right now, will positively crush anything we’ve released previously when we release it later this year.
We’ll hit the ground running in 2016, kicking things of with a string of great gigs in January and February. From there we’ll immediately get to recording the next album, and resume gigging in the spring. Hopefully the summer will be incredibly busy!